Högg Group

In addition to Högg AG Produktionstechnik, the Högg Group also includes the two affiliated companies Högg Liftsysteme AG and simplify engineering AG..

Högg Liftsysteme AG

Högg Liftsysteme AG is an affiliated company of Högg Produktionstechnik AG.
The company emerged from Högg Produktionstechnik AG in 1990, and has since evolved into a leading Swiss manufacturer of stair lifts.

Högg Liftsysteme AG, Wilerstrasse 137, CH-9620 Lichtensteig, Switzerland

simplify engineering AG

simplify engineering AG is an affiliated company of Högg Produktionstechnik AG. It emerged from Högg Produktionstechnik AG as a young and dynamic engineering company in 2013. It provides engineering, design and consulting services in machine and plant engineering for its customers. It plays a leading role in accompanying development projects right through to series production, as well as prototype construction and performing trials and test runs.

simplify engineering AG, Austrasse 25, CH-9630 Wattwil, Switzerland


TEL +41 71 987 69 69


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