Further processing of profiles

Making cost-effective individual parts from profiles.
Take advantage of the wide range of further processing options that Högg production engineering can offer you:

Separating / cross-cutting
Low-cost blanks from profiles. We have a number of separating machines that can turn your profiles into individual parts with virtually no burrs and, depending on the specification and the profile, to an accuracy of ±0.02 mm. If you wish, we can Trowalise (slide grind) the parts and deliver them to you cleaned and neatly packed.

Drilling / milling
With our large stock of machinery, we can find the right solution for any profile post-processing job, whether it’s a rod up to 6 metres long or a short, cross-cut single piece. As professionals in mechanical processing, we also have the right solution for making the finished assembly for you.

T-slot nut production
A profile is the ideal starting material for making T-slot nuts. Högg has equipped itself specifically for making special T-slot nuts.

Profile grinding / belt grinding
Where profiles need to be even more accurate, profiled grinding technology is ideal. Up to a maximum length of 2 metres, we can grind profiles retrospectively or manufacture them directly using full-cut grinding. Profiles up to 6 metres long can be processed to the required surface quality using belt grinding.

Profile bending
From time to time, we go off the straight and narrow… You need curved or bent profiles? Here too, as profile specialists, we can offer a complete solution. We are able to bend profiles into whatever shape you want, as individual pieces or a complete set.

Profile straightening
Guide rails, blades, measuring sticks – they all have to be absolutely straight and accurate. On our straightening presses, we can set the degree of straightness and torsion exactly to suit your specifications and needs.

Profile post-processing

You have a profile that has been drawn, pressed or rolled, but you want to reprocess it?
On our special machines, we offer you the option of having your existing profiles reprocessed using the throughfeed milling process. This enables the dimensions of existing profiles to be modified or sharp edges and corners processed. Deep slits, which cannot be made during drawing processes, can be made retrospectively in this way. Throughfeed milling is a very efficient and cost-effective way of making these modifications.

There is a standard profile, but it doesn’t exactly suit your purposes?
We’ll make it fit! Whether it’s an angled profile or a T-slot nut profile, we can adapt the existing profile to meet your requirements.


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