Slot nuts

Profiles are the ideal starting material for producing slot nuts. Högg has equipped itself especially for manufacturing special slot nuts.

Slot nuts can be manufactured optimally from profile material. We mill these profiles in small quantities on special machines in a continuous pass, so that we can offer our customers an ideal manufacturing process, even for small volumes. For larger amounts, drawn, pressed or rolled profiles are used to manufacture the slot nuts.

As a second step, the profiles are then processed further into slot nuts on various machines (rotary transfer machines, automated CNC milling and grinding machines). They are cut to length, drilled, milled, or ground if necessary. And finally, they are surface-treated, laser-marked, cleaned, etc. as required.

Production is automated, so that even smaller quantities with special requirements which deviate from standard slot nuts can be produced. The machinery is quick to set up and optimally designed for producing slot nuts.

Thanks to the great flexibility in production, we are able to use almost all commercial materials to manufacture slot nuts.

  • Steel, high-strength steels, stainless steels, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, titanium alloys

Surface and heat treatment
Depending on requirements, we offer all the available options for surface-treating (corrosion protection, sliding properties etc.) and heat-treating (wear protection, resistance etc.) slot nuts:

  • • Nickel plating, galvanising, chrome plating, anodising etc.
  • • Hardening, tempering, nitration etc.

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