Special profiles

Högg profiles – profiles just how you want them

Högg profiles open up all kinds of new opportunities for you. Regardless of the materials we deliver accurate profiles, tailor-made to meet your needs. We make profiles in every kind of metallic material, with tolerances measured in micrometres.
We have special machines so we can develop processes specifically for your profiles. Throughfeed milling offers many advantages compared with drawn, rolled or pressed profiles:

  • No minimum quantities
  • Extremely short delivery times
  • All kinds of materials (steel, stainless steel, titanium, non-ferrous metals…)
  • Manufactured to the smallest tolerances
  • No or relatively low tooling costs
  • Sharp edges, deep slots, narrow slits – they’re all possible

For us, there’s no such thing as minimum quantities. Because our special machines are so quick and easy to set up, we can offer the option of producing even very small quantities for you. It’s a common problem that a company would like to use a profile, but the quantity it needs is too small. Here we can always find a solution for you.
We can adapt to suit you, from one metre to several kilometres, whatever the profile and the requirement.

Delivery times
Normally, profiles are nearly always long lead-time parts – the delivery times are long, so companies have to keep a big stock in storage. Högg profiles are different. Very short delivery times open up new potential for logistics. It is no longer necessary to keep lots of stock in storage. We deliver just what you need, at short notice and on time.

Because our processes are not material-dependent, we can supply you with profiles in virtually any metallic material. We can even make profiles in high-strength steels (Inconel, Hasteloy,….), stainless steel or titanium alloys.

Depending on the particular process, we can offer the tightest tolerances and produce end contours at the same time. This means there is no need for the post-processing which occurs with rolled or pressed profiles, so those costs are saved.

Thanks to our specially developed throughfeed milling process, we can make shapes for you which would not be possible with conventional processes. Thin-walled stainless steel profiles, delicate titanium profiles or profiles with deep, narrow slits: the possibilities are almost limitless.

Support during development
Short delivery times, very small quantities, low tooling costs, free choice of materials.
No wonder our profiles are so popular for use in product development. These features mean that designers can try out new ideas during the development process without delay, and quickly produce prototypes and working models.


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